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How it Works

One winner every month. Start from March 2018. And you earn points now. 

When you share our new RelComfo Product Launch with your friends, you gain points. When you friends participate, you earn points as well. Every month (end of month), one winner will be drawn from the pool to get a FREE gift. Every 10 points equals one presence in the winner drawn process. So more points means more chances. The gift for each month is listed as below. 

1. March 2018, Camera Camcorder (worth $118) 

2. April 2018, Handheld Game Consoles (worth $70)

3. May 2018, Moto 360 smartwatch (worth $150)

4. June 2018, to be announced 

We will keep track of your credits and update you through your email. So no hustle, just click and share. 💪

When you share it in one of your social media, you get 10 points. And if one of your friends participates using your unique link, you will win 50 points.  This is crazy … 

As a winner.

You will be informed by email at the end of each month. Please set as the trusted sender in your email system. You might need to provide: 

  • Your shipping address for us to send you the gift.
  • A snapshot of your points that you earned. (Optional)

Gifts Snapshot

Camcorder ($118)
Game Consoles ($70)
MOto 360 ($150)

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